Your website is the vital communication link between you and your customer.

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It advertises your business.

It educates and inspires.  It builds trust with your customer and directly impacts on your sales.

All this in 3 seconds.


Anyone who is considering doing business with you will most certainly check out your website.


Around 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy. (HubSpot, 2017)


This statistic highlights the Buyers Pyramid described earlier…remember, only 3% were “buying now”.

Yes, I can see the maths doesn’t add up…I just want to make sure you’re still with me!!


This post will explain clever ways to turn visitors into buyers.

But first, some more stats that might surprise you…

  • For every $92 spent on acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them*
  • Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates*
  • A typical website conversion rate is 2.35% yet the top 10% of businesses convert at 11.45%^

*Econsultancy, 2016

^Wordstream, 2014

So, why am I telling you these statistics?

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It seems that most websites have a conversion problem.

By conversion, I mean an action you want the visitor to take on your website.

This could be downloading a report, sending through a contact form or buying a product.


Why is conversion so important?

Picture this…

You own a consultancy firm charging $1000 per session.

You have 100 visitors to your website monthly and convert at 3%.  Your monthly revenue will be $3000.

If you can increase your conversion rate to 6% you will double your revenue to $6000 from the same number of visitors.

That’s right.

Double your money without spending any extra on advertising.


Improving your website conversion rate will have the single biggest impact on your business growth. 

So, how do you increase your website conversion rate without spending extra money?


Here is the basic requirement for your website…

  • Benefit driven direct response copy
  • Clear offer that appeals to your audience
  • Strong lead magnets to entice
  • Prominent call to action buttons
  • Well crafted headlines and sub headings
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to use contact forms
  • Contact forms to have minimal fields
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Very fast loading – you only get 3 seconds

As you can see getting conversion right on your website can make a massive difference.

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What I would like you to take away is that a focus on conversion copy and the quality of your website is paramount to the success of your advertising.


Check out your top competitor’s websites and see how many high conversion elements they contain.

If you have made your own website or used a designer that didn’t mention any of these elements, maybe go back and have a good look at what you are presenting to your prospective customers.

I guarantee you now know more than most of the website developers in Australia do, just from reading this post!


Fix your website and watch your revenue grow!


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