Jason took over an existing car mechanic business but the previous owner had taken many customers with him when he left.

Jason had been a car mechanic in country NSW before moving back to Sydney with his wife and family.  He wanted to take over an existing mechanic workshop businessstrathfield Mechanic and found what he was looking for in South Strathfield…just 100 meters down the road from the major motoring association service workshop.

With his wife as the receptionist, they took over the business but the previous owner took many of the customers with him when he left.


How to quickly get customers again and have a cash flow.

Jason needed a website that would rank highly for a Google search and get customers ringing to book their car for a service.

His mechanic workshop also needed to compete with some big operators.

He had many car services on offer but needed the customers ringing and coming through his door.


A lead generation website was built for Car Mechanic Strathfield with a unique, trackable phone number that connects to the existing landline.  This allows us to count how many customers find this business through the website.


Each car service was given an individual page with lots of keyword rich content explaining each service.  Questions such as “How much is a pink slip” were also answered in detail.

Giving lots of information to customers before they ring builds trust and shows customers competence in your work.  Many images were added to reinforce what the text was saying.

The Result

In just 2 months the website started to rank well in a Google search.  On average, 2-3 phone calls come through each week.  This has helped grow the customer base as pink slips turn into car services and then engine repairs.

The website promotes 14 different car services for Car Mechanic Strathfield and all rank in the top 3 positions for a Google search.

car mechanic strathfield


Your business website is the first thing a prospective customer sees of your business.  It is what makes them decide to contact you or not.  It must portray what your business represents and be easy for the reader to navigate and understand.

This website is now a large part of Car Mechanic Strathfield’s marketing strategy and has been getting excellent results.  The number of inbound leads that have been received have helped grow the business.


What our client had to say…

Our website is either ranking number one or on the front page of Google for all our services.  This has made a huge difference to our customer base.  We can’t thank Yvette and her team enough for our fantastic website and for helping grow our business.

                    –  Jason, Car Mechanic Strathfield