Is your web design helping grow your business? 

Your website should generate leads and turn your visitors into buyers…even after you’ve knocked off for the day

Does your business have a website


Your website is the vital communication link between your customer and your business. 

It is a billboard that says who you are and what you do…and why people should buy from you.

It is “on” 24/7 and it needs to be continually working for you generating leads.

Work smarter, not harder by getting a web design that brings your ideal customer to you.

Anyone can build a website.  There are many free platforms and lots of Youtube “how to” videos.  Add a few pretty pictures and bam!  You’re done!

According to ABS there are 2.3 million businesses in Australia as at June 2018.

Why is it then that only 1 in 4 businesses are satisfied with their website conversion rates? (Econsultancy 2016)    That’s 1.725 million businesses unhappy with their website!


You need to know your business and who your competitors are…

You need to know…

  • The lifetime value of your customer
  • Your most profitable and easiest product or service
  • What you can offer your customers that they will rave about
  • How to solve your customers problems
  • Why you are better than your competition


Make sure your website is functional, user friendly and conversion focused so you can work smarter…not harder!

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Think about this…

If you currently convert 5% of visitors to your website into customers and you could double this to 10% without spending more on advertising…what could those numbers do for your business?

Having a functional website that is properly optimised to convert should be the single most important part of your business growth strategy.

Successful businesses know that an optimal performing website is an asset to their company.



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Let Strathfield Web Design build you a website that you can rely on to grow with your business.

We’ll chat about your goals, see who your competitors are and what they’re doing differently and look at your marketing and sales funnels.

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