There are 3 types of business approaches when looking to grow online

  • Most – around 90% – are ‘tactical’ in their approach
  • A few – around 7% – are ‘deliberate’
  • Only around 3% are ‘strategic’ in their approach – which utilizes tactical and deliberate.

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What is your business approach?

The tactical majority mainly focus on getting the lead or sale immediately.  They want fast growth and spend money on every new thing they hear about.

Do you know someone like this?

These businesses try adwords for a couple of months, then post on facebook every day for a week and then….and then…

They may have success but it is usually patchy and there can be a lot of wasted opportunities.

The deliberate businesses do things differently.

They usually have good concepts and plans but often fall down in the execution.

It could be because of lack of resources, inability to convert a lead or simply being too scared or busy to follow through.  They have big plans but the results don’t match their goals.

These businesses feel frustrated and ‘burnt’ and usually give up.

Then there’s the top 3% – the strategic businesses.

These companies – using their own marketing divisions or external digital marketing agencies – find that sweet spot that comes with strategic planning and careful execution and run with it.

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A Strategy Starts with Lots of Questions

What problem do you solve for your customers?  Who is your ideal customer?  Where are they searching for your service?

Say you are a Custom Home Builder…

Building a new custom home is something most people only do once in a life time.  Customers want lots of educational information.

Armed with this research, a strategy is put together incorporating educational reports, videos and infographics.

These assets are promoted all over your website.  They provide potential customers with valuable information and build you as a trusted authority in the custom home industry.

An extremely compelling offer, encompassing the common complaints your own customers have told you about, is crafted.

Clever advertising, on a range of different platforms, is used to broadcast your offer and educational assets aimed directly to your ideal customers.  Automated marketing re-targets these customers and keep you front of mind.

Over time the leads will roll in.

Are you a tactician or a strategist?

Do you want immediate sales or leads?

Or…do you have a business growth plan?

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Are you willing to educate your potential customers first, position yourself as a trusted authority and earn the leads over time?

The higher the price point of your product or service the more likely you will need to go with the latter.


Potential customers fit into one of five segments in the “Buyers Pyramid”

3% buying now

7% open to buying now

30% actively educating themselves

30% interested and starting research

30% know they are not interested at all


If you use a tactic in your advertising, for example…contact us now for your free quote, you are focusing all your efforts on the top 3% and 7%.

We’ll call these segments the ‘immediate buyers’

You are completely ignoring the other 90%.

We’ll call these segments the ‘future buyers’.

For most high price point products or services, people do a lot of research first.

If you focus all your efforts only on the immediate buyers you are missing out on the majority future buyers.

And…usually your competition is doing the same thing!

Focusing on the top 10% is very competitive in advertising.  You constantly have to expose a large volume of people to your offer – which is expensive – and know that 90% aren’t ready to buy – which is inefficient!

Strategists think differently.

They see the 60% of people in the middle of the pyramid.  That’s their bread and butter.  The 10% at the top is the cream!

So…how does a strategist work?  They turn the pyramid on its head…


Educate the customer

Create content that educates and guides

Avoid hard sell

Share content to your target audience

Don’t mention your product directly

Personalised Drip Campaigns

One on one demos



Loyalty rewards


Customer ready to buy


This is a marketing sales funnel!

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Strathfield Web Design can help you with a business marketing strategy that educates your customers and puts you in a trusted, authority position.  This will increase your leads.

To make it easy for your customers to find you and increase your profits you need a quality website that increases your visibility without increasing your advertising spend.

Strathfield Web Design is a professional web design agency based in Strathfield.  We are fully certified and our award winning team can assist you with all aspects of your website development and digital marketing.

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