A good web designer doesn’t just make your website look good. 

They should also focus on making your website user friendly and simple for your customers to navigate.  This article looks at key considerations and skills you should consider when making your selection.

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Good web designers know that the most important aspect of a website is the site’s user interface.  What does this mean?  A website is the vital communication link between your business and your customer and you want your customer to use, engage and keep coming back to your website.



Many web designers also have the expertise to develop, however, a web designer is not the same as a web developer.  So, what is the difference?  There are 2 parts to a website.  The front end – which is the appearance of the site on your screen.  The back end – this is the database or coding of the site which keeps the web application running smoothly.  Most agencies, be they web designers, web developers or digital marketers generally have the skill set to do both front end and back end applications.



Once you have decided your business needs a website there are several pieces of information to consider before you start.

  • Information about your business.
  • What objectives do you want the website to meet. For example, lead generation, photo gallery, information site, etc.
  • Your target audience.
  • What is your competition doing online?
  • Details about your brand and style and any design guidelines.
  • A timeline – any milestones need noting?
  • Your budget.


A thoughtful and creative brief ensures your website build will run smoothly with your goals and objectives achieved.  Your website displays your business character to the online world.


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  • How would you describe my brand?

Asking this question of your web designer just doesn’t indicate whether they have done their research, it also shows how well you have communicated your brand through existing marketing material.  Getting their first impression gives you an idea on how your brand is perceived and can help clarify any misconceptions going forward.

  • What constitutes effective web design for you?

This question finds out what the designer’s priorities are and do they align with your style.  Every project design is different.  There is no point showing a beautician website to a car mechanic as they are polar apart aesthetically, however, it will give you an insight into how they see design and if it meets with your needs.

  • How will updates be made to the website post launch?

You may want to keep your content and image updates in-house or you may want your web designer to do it for you.  Discuss your web designer’s approach and work out what is best for your business.


Ultimately, good website design supports your business goals…

and allows your business to grow online.  There needs to be a balance between good design and business needs.  Focus on designers that are willing to take the time to listen and understand your business goals and strive to get the results you are after.  Test your website with your target audience, analyse the results and fine tune where needed.


Strathfield Web Design

Strathfield Web Design is able to listen to your story and build visually appealing and user friendly websites.  We understand that your website is the vital communicate link between your business and your customers.

We ensure our services are not an expense but rather an asset to your business.  To help increase your profits and grow your business online, contact us today on 9742 5635