Over 90% of Australians search for a product or service on Google.

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Digital Marketing can help grow your business…

How?  Your customer has typed in their problem.  They are looking for an answer, a solution.

Digital Marketing can put your business in front of your customer at the very moment they are actively searching for your product or service.

The same will happen with your next potential customer.

And so it goes on…over and over again.  Every new search makes your business more visible.

Unlike TV, radio or newspaper advertising where the idea is to broadcast to many in the hope of getting a few, digital marketing advertising is one of the most powerful business growth machines available.

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Digital Marketing and a Powerful, Proven Campaign (PPC)

Many digital marketing campaigns are not profitable.

Have you tried Google Adwords because “a friend of a friend” said it worked for them, only to have your budget chewed up…fast?!

An investment in Adwords needs to be part of the strategic plan.  What problem are you solving for your customers?

This is where creative, tactical sales copy becomes king.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising should focus on conversion and turn your visitors into paying customers.

Digital Marketing should take your customer on a journey from “Just looking” through your sales funnel to “Just bought”.


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Do you know your numbers…

  • What is your customer lifetime value?

  • What is your cost of sale?

  • What is your profit margin?

  • What is your conversion rate?


Now…what is the amount you can spend per lead and then the amount per click?


This is the formula used to work out whether you can either…

  • Continue throwing your budget at Digital Marketing and hope its’s working


  • Nail your advertising spend with Digital Marketing and grow your business


Before we spend a cent on digital marketing we first need to build your business a strategic plan.  What are your goals?  Are you listening to what your customers are asking for or just going off a hunch?

What are your top competitors doing and why are they successful at it?

Potential customers fit into one of five segments…

  • 3% are ready to buy now

  • 7% are open to buying now

  • 30% are actively educating themselves on your product/service

  • 30% are interested and starting research on your product/service

  • 30% are not interested at all

If all your digital marketing spend is aimed at the top 3-10% not only are you competing with every other advertiser you are missing out on the 60% of customers to come.

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To make it easy for your customers to find you and increase your profits you need a digital marketing strategy that increases your visibility.

Strathfield Web Design is a professional digital marketing agency based in Strathfield.  We are fully certified and our award winning team can assist you with all aspects of your website development and digital marketing.

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