Alukea Enterprises has been providing site cutting and screw in piles to builders on the NSW South Coast for over 10 renovation

This family owned business proudly prepares residential building sites on the NSW South Coast for builders to then come and start foundation work.  Their attention to detail in site cutting makes work easy for the incoming concreters and subsequent trades.

They are also the only authorized Blade Pile distributor on the NSW South Coast.


Their old website did not reflect the vibrancy and passion of this growing business.

Martin and his team were embracing new technologies and able to save builders time and money on projects without re-engineering designs but their old website didn’t promote this.

They also wanted to promote that they are the only authorized distributor of Blade Pile on the NSW South Coast.    This innovative screw in pile system is a superior replacement for concrete piers and conventional screw piles.

Their new website needed to let builders know they had a more efficient way to build residential foundations.


The new website needed to show Alukea’s strong business colours while incorporating their partnership with Blade Pile.

The different product systems of Blade Pile were given a separate page to explain the specifications.  Technical jargon was re-written into plain English.

Builders are able to contact the team through the contact form on the website and their phone number is activated by a call button.

Make it easy for builders to contact us for their projects.


Content from the original website was used as a base.  Each product and service was given it’s own page with technical specifications and plain English descriptions.

An easy navigation menu was added so builders could find out more information easily.

Contact buttons were added to each page to make booking Alukea for a project easy.

The Result

website designWithin a month of the website being launched, they had 68 customers visit the site and they read through many pages with an average session lasting 2 minutes and 20 seconds.  This means that customers are engaged and reading a lot of information.

Dealing with customers who are engaged and informed makes your sales process easier as your customers know enough about you to want to proceed with the sale.

The bounce rate represents people coming to your website and not finding the information they need and clicking (or bouncing) off.  Figures below 80% are very good.  These numbers show that customers are finding the information they need and are getting the solution they want.



Websites are as fluid as your business.  As your business grows and changes with new technologies you should change your website to match.

Generally, doing a search on the internet is the first time your customers see your business.  Make sure it represents your business and be easy for your customer to understand your services.

This new website for Alukea Enterprises shows their business as modern and innovative and proudly promotes their association with Blade Pile.


What our client had to say…

Yvette has recently designed a new website for our company, she has done a brilliant job!! Yvette and her team are very professional, helpful & supportive. It has been a pleasure working with them.  A big Thank you from the Alukea Team!

                                                                                                     Naomi, Alukea Enterprises    5 star review