Garry and Suzie Kerr had a passion for horses.

how can a small company grow big


Their 3 horses and stables in a sleepy beachside suburb of Newcastle, were often a curiosity for the local kids.  One young boy in particular, Joel, had autism.  Joel’s whole personality would change when he was allowed to interact with the horses.

Garry and Suzie learnt how to harness the healing nature of these gentle animals to help people like Joel and Equine Magic Therapy was started.



How to turn the hobby into a business and promote it online.

The website needed to be ready for the upcoming school holidays so they could start charging for classes with the horses.

Like most hobbies and start up businesses, funds were tight.  Garry and Suzie were able to supply the images and gave a lot of information for the content thus reducing research time.

There were many target markets…from children like Joel, adolescents with confidence issues to adults with phobias or suffering PTSD.


As the website had to appeal to many different ages and cover a variety of health-related issues, it had to impart warmth and empathy through content and images.

A “cottage” theme was chosen for the website because of its homely feel and ageless style.  Hints of teal blue were used for a calming effect.

The images of the horses “spoke” to the reader.


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Using the images of the horses as the catalyst and the in-depth information given, the content was easily written to promote the interaction of the horses with their “clients”.

The website is simple in form but conveys the special powers these majestic animals have.

There are no moving or flashing parts as customers looking at this website would generally have a stress/health issue so calm is needed.


The Results

In just over a year, this hobby went from children sitting on a fence and having a quick ride to constant phone inquiries and equine therapy classes booked out most days.

Garry and Suzie have taken on casual staff to help cope with the number of clients they now have.

They have even had to purchase a fourth horse to accommodate the growth in their business.



Their website ranks first or second in Google for many key words.  This has created a thriving business for them.



how to grow business tips


Websites are usually the first thing a prospective client sees of your business.  It must portray your ethos and be easy for the reader to understand and navigate.

The proper understanding and use of SEO and key words in this website has allowed Equine Magic Therapy to increase their profits, grow their business and employ local staff.


What our client had to say…



We love our website, its just how we wanted it – clear, uncluttered and easy to navigate. We had one meeting with Yvette, then a few phone calls follow-up and our website was up and running. The team at Strathfield Web Design were professional, prompt and gave us what we wanted at a good price. I would highly recommend them for web design.

– Suzie, Equine Magic Therapy