The Offer…

It is the first thing that will influence your visitors to take the action you want them to.

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Do you want them to download a free report, submit an enquiry, ask for a quote or make a purchase.


There are 2 types of offers

  • A generic offer that’s been done before
  • An offer that helps, educates, informs and affords a solution to their problem that they simply can’t resist


We’ve all seen the standard generic offers…

  • Get a free quote
  • Get a free consultation
  • Get a free measure
  • Contact our team now

Have you seen them…?

I’ve even been guilty of a couple of them before too!

For a bit of fun, I Googled how many sites mention “free consultation” or “free quote”.

The result….34 million!

Try competing with that!

These offers can still work – particularly on the top 3% of people looking to buy.

However, you can do better.

Smart advertisers are now making offers that appeal to as many segments on the buyers pyramid as possible.

Most ads that offer a “free quote” or “free consultation” focus only on the people who are ready to buy now.


Plenty of businesses do this and are quite happy with their result.


Generally, it works better for lower priced products or services.  Particularly those who have a time issue…for example, locksmiths or emergency plumbers.

However, if you are selling high priced products or services this style of offer doesn’t work as well.


Say you are a custom home builder.   Research about your customers would show that they want an expert to guide them through the process and they were nervous about the horror stories they’d seen on the 6 o’clock news.

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How could you word an offer?

Instead of asking people to “click here and get a free quote”, you could offer a free report about “Avoid the Horror Stories…The 5 things you must know before building a home”.

This report would educate people on the building process and guide them through what to expect.  It would also subtly promote the builder’s process and business.

Advertising would be targeted to people using keywords such as “first home build”.

Traffic would be sent to a landing page that articulates the builder’s experience, their commitment to making your build a smooth process and explaining to the customer what to expect.

This landing page could also promote a downloadable report about “The 5 main issues big builders don’t want you to know”.

Still nothing has been said about a “free quote”.

This report can give more information about why dealing with a big builder can lead to quality issues and delays, etc.

More subtle reinforcement as to why to deal with a custom home builder at the end of the report.

Asking the customer to just give their name and email to get the report is a low commitment.  This makes it very easy for the customer so they are more likely to do it.

This can be gold when you follow up with automated marketing.

Now you can see how a killer offer appeals to a large percentage of the buyer’s pyramid.  This can have a huge impact on the volume and quality of leads you receive.

What will your Killer Offer be?

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