Is your business plodding?   Are you run off your feet one month and then very quiet the next? 

How can seo help my website


Would you like to hire more staff to help you but you just don’t have the consistent income to afford it?

Want more leads for your trade or business?

Not sure how to effectively advertise your business?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions…then read on!

Growing your business online can be tough.  Here are some ideas to get more visitors to your website and turn them into repeat customers.

SEO can help you stand out from your competition


Consistent Business Growth using SEO

A business should grow consistently…with a customised marketing strategy that sends “ready to buy” customers to your website and turns them into leads and sales.

In simple terms…your website and other digital marketing material should be focused on getting your targeted customers to buy from you over and over again.  Increasing your leads and sales without blowing your advertising budget.

This is not a “get rich quick” scheme, nor is it a “scatter-gun” approach.

Everything is measurable and with your business growth as the end goal.


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Are you ready to Grow your Business?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation.

Over 90% of internet searches in Australia are on Google and they want to know what your business website is about.

Around 70% of these searches are for local businesses.

By optimising certain words and phrases   – key words – Google is able to place your website when your customer types in these words.

Although it’s a vital starting point for your website, using SEO alone will not flood your business with leads.

SEO is just one part of your strategic plan.

Don’t be conned by unscrupulous SEO scammers that charge you for a certain number of keywords or guarantee number 1 ranking.

When it comes to Google…our experience tells us no one can guarantee anything.


How your Business Benefits

By  “namedropping” your business in focused, relevant places all over the internet.  This way your customers will start seeing you and become accustomed to your brand.

Doing this gives your brand authority.

Your business will benefit from SEO  by getting more exposure and out ranking your competitors.  This is because  people like to deal with businesses they know.


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Stop standing on the sidelines watching your competition take your customers.  Make it easy for your customers to find you.  Our affordable, local SEO packages are designed to attract your ideal customer to your website.

We guarantee researched, ethical SEO practices that are essential to make your website work.  Only this will provide long lasting rankings and increase sale leads for your business.

Contact our SEO Consultant at Strathfield Web Design today on 9742 5635 and find out how you can dominate your industry.