Do you need to create a Brand Strategy for your business?

Attract more leads with a defined brand strategy for your business.

Why you need a brand strategy for your business.

Having an effective, creative message to reach and engage with your customers, allows for a long term business relationship.

Your website is just one part of your brand strategy.  Whilst we specialise in websites, understanding how your branding evokes emotion in your clients is very important.  Your customers are looking for…

  • Information – Your customers want to know what your business is about and how the solutions you offer fix their problems.
  • Credibility – Does your branding reflect the sort of business they want to contact?  Are you constantly updating your services and moving with the times?
  • Testimonials – Has someone else done business with you and were they happy with your service?
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Your brand strategy tells customers your story and why your business was created


Your website helps express your brand strategy by answering some simple questions…

– What problems does your  business solve?
– Who is your ideal customer and why?
– Why do my customers trust me?

If your brand was a person, what would their personality be? 

People love a well told story as it creates emotion and inspires loyalty.  What is the story of your brand?

Branding and Brand Managment

Your branding and brand management needs to be done by a company that understands even though you’ve knock off for the day, your online presence continues working for you.

Partnering with Strathfield Web Design ensures your branding is optimised for your ideal customer.  This means your brand, website and social media has the proper focus  to attract customers who want your product or service.  Using these elements properly helps you rank highly in a search.

Using a simple website design that tells your story to your customers will have a long lasting effect that builds trust and loyalty.

By using high quality, benefit driven content,  your customers are guided through your sales process. When they contact you, they’re already convinced they need your service or product.

Make sure you have a continuous pipeline of leads to keep your business going. Small business owners benefit by being online and in front of their customers.

Your logo, colours and story are all telling your customers… “Here I am and this is what I can do for you” and your website is the best way to get this branding across.

All businesses that have carefully thought through brand strategies and efficient brand management have benefitted from extra leads.  

Do you need help with your brand management?

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