Looking for a B2B Website Design

Are you a business that sells to other businesses?  Get a website that promotes your brand and increases your revenue

What is a B2B website?

A B2B website is an integral part of marketing your business services or products to other businesses.

Your B2B website design needs to give clear, concise information about how your product or service can benefit your customers…and possibly their customers.

Each section of your website must be simple to use, easy to navigate and make the buying process smooth and convenient.

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How does a B2B website work?

A B2B website works on the principle of information. 

Your content must be plentiful and educational. 

You need to specifically address ‘pain points’ that your customers have and offer appropriate solutions.

Our B2B web designs capture, inform, captivate and engage your visitors and then show them the benefits of partnering with you.

In other words, we persuade them to become your customer and to buy from you.

In our experience, we find that offering high quality, benefit driven content such as…

  • Reports
  • White papers
  • Short tutorial videos
  • Live chat
  • Testimonials
  • Product demonstrations

…builds trust for your business and helps your customer make an informed decision before they purchase.

Of course, you should also include plenty of ‘Call to Actions’ throughout your content.

The difference between B2B and B2C

The short answer to this is emotion.  Most retail consumers decision to buy is emotionally based…“How does your product or service help me?” 

While B2B purchasing decisions can also be emotionally driven, it is not exactly the same.  A business purchase usually relates to…”How can this product or service improve my business efficiency?”…which then allows the business to concentrate focus on their customer.

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B2B lead generation

Whilst lead generation is the main component of all business websites, the inclination is slightly different in a B2B lead generation website.

Strathfield Web Design understand those differences and are able to target your ideal business customers. 

We do this by promoting your business with lots of clear, concise information in an aesthetically pleasing design that builds trust and helps you close the sale.

Let’s talk about your website

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