…Without spending a cent on advertising!

Is your competition’s website ahead of your business?

Is your revenue inconsistent?  One month good, the next just scrapping by?

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Here are some tips on how to Turbo Charge your website using proven tactics and strategies to get ahead of your competition.

Before you start…

The first thing you need to do before you can increase traffic and sales is have a good look at your website.

Is it clean, concise and loads quickly??  Or is it difficult to find information and takes an eternity to load a page??

If you want to drive traffic to a website that is a mess then you’re wasting your time.  Customers will click off quickly and go to your competition.

We suggest you get a website audit and fix any technical problems and increase the speed of your loading time.

Check your Google Index

‘Does Google know you exist?’

Are your website pages being found by Google?

This is a strange question but you need to make sure all your pages are being indexed by Google so they will be placed in a search.

The simplest way to do this is to type    site:xyzbusiness.com.au   in the Google search bar.  This will show all the pages that are eligible to receive traffic.

Check your site speed

‘If your site is slow you will have little chance of a high search position’

How many times have you tried to load a site only to click to another because it took to long to load?

How do you think that affects a business?

Google want customers to have a good search experience so will penalise any slow loading site.   Research has shown websites that take more than 3 seconds to load will be clicked from.


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What’s your name, address and phone number?

‘A confused mind doesn’t buy’

Think about the last time you did a local business search.  What were you looking for?  The business address and phone number?  A contact form to book an appointment?  Did you want to buy something?

Did you find that information easily or did you have to search for it?

Think about a well known site…such as eBay.  You want to buy a phone charger.

The opening screen shows…

  • The product photo
  • Heading text and product information
  • Seller’s information links
  • Call to action – “Bid now” or “Buy it now”
  • Shipping and payment details

You really don’t need to scroll down – everything you want to know is clearly set out in that opening screen.

Is the information on your website that clear and easy to find?  Make it easy for your customer to find your business name, address and phone number.

Who links to your site?

‘Will you be my friend?’

Do you remember what www. stands for?  World Wide Web.  Having that in mind, Google loves websites linking to each other…like a web.

Why?  It represents the neighbourhood your site lives in.  Good sites linking to good sites makes for a good user experience.

Getting links from other websites is important to help place your site for a search.

Title and Meta Description

‘First impressions count’

Your Title and Meta Description is the first impression your customer has about your business.

Those 3 lines…actually 70 characters for your title and 150 characters for the description…on the Google search page can make your customer click your website…or your competitor’s.  Use punchy, keyword phrases in the title to grab their attention.  Try and use the main keyword as close to the beginning as possible (Google likes this).

The Meta description should tell your potential customers how you benefit them and what action you want them to take.


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Google My Business Listing

‘Your customers will find you easily with a GMB Listing’

 A Google My Business Listing (GMB) is like having another website …but with Google’s blessing.

GMB allows very detailed information about your business that Google can then show in a variety of places on the net.

Generally, along with GMB, your business will also be shown in the local pack (3 business listing box with area map) and have a pin placement in Google Maps.

It also allows your customers to leave reviews of your business on Google – this would be one of the most important features.  Make sure you respond to any reviews as this significantly impacts your ranking and click through rate.

Compelling Information

‘Content is King’

 What is it that makes us do something?

Why did you click the button to download this report?  Which advertisements make you stop and watch or listen?  Marketers have been learning how to get you to sign up, download, stop and buy for many years.

The main angle they take is…how does this benefit the customer?

A final word…

‘Step into the shoes of your customer’

Without customers…you have no business.  If your customers can’t find you on the internet…you have no business.

We all know big name companies that no longer exist…ToysRUs, Encyclopedia Britannica, Hoover, Kodak.  These companies didn’t or couldn’t change with the times.

The internet is “the times” now.

You must have an online presence for your customers to find you.

At present, more than 60% of searches are done on a mobile phone…how long before desk top becomes obsolete?

Make sure your business website can be found.  Follow the 7 simple steps in this report and turbo charge your way to stay ahead of your competition and get in front of more customers when they are ready to buy…and all for free!

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To make it easy for your customers to find you and increase your profits you need a quality website that increases your visibility without increasing your advertising spend.

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