You’ve probably heard the saying…’you need to SEO or search engine optimise your website’. 

What does this mean and how do you do it?  In my time as a digital marketer I have reflected on what I’ve learnt from our clients and what their primary needs are.

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Search engine optimised to rank highly in Google

Content management that is easy to update

Good looking website that’s easy to navigate

People want websites that are easy to find, easy to update and easy to navigate whilst looking good.  This is how we build our websites.


So, what is search engine optimisation?

Recent studies suggest that 50% of first time visits to your website are from search engines – also known as organic traffic – so ranking well is very important.  So how do you get search engine optimised?

The 3 main steps are:

  1. Pick the right keywords and phrases to target
  2. Champion one keyword or phrase per page
  3. Promote your site by encouraging incoming links

The main point is to get your website ranking as high as possible on Google so customers will find you.

Remember, people don’t scroll!


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What content management system is easy to update?

To keep your customers coming back to your website you will need a content management system that is easy to update.  The internet and your website are ‘liquid’ meaning it is constantly changing and needing updating.   Your products may change, your services will evolve and you will need to update your website information to stay relevant.

A content management system is the interface between you and the computer coding that makes your website work.  Make sure your website is established on an open system so you will be able to access it from anywhere and easily change information yourself.

Of course, some changes will require the use of a skilled web designer but for simple updates to your content or to upload photos you should be able to do this easily with a content management system (CMS).



How do you make a good looking website that’s easy to navigate?

2 words – imagery and design.  Photos and images are a very important component of your website.  The saying is ‘A picture is worth a 1000 words’ and this is very true for the internet.  Make your photos “pop” with bright colours, interesting images or even just a smiling face.

Also, design the layout of the website that there is one thought per paragraph and champion one keyword or phrase per page.

A website is a bit like a conversation with your customers.  Make the conversation flow and keep your message clear and concise.

Remember, most people don’t spend long on a website so you need to capture their attention quickly.


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